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How To Join In


During certain times of the year, Riverside Trust and Community are  open to receive volunteers to help with various aspects of work. Volunteering for the trust board is varied and may encompass helping out in the trust businesses or supporting tutors during workshops. Please be aware that the  Riverside Community Trust Board does NOT offer wwoofing spaces or other work in exchange for food/accommodation options! You will also be required to sign a volunteer agreement form. 


Volunteering for the community involves  mainly working in the organic gardens, and accommodation at a member house may be arranged, though you would still be expected to cover your own costs.


If you are interested in applying for genuine volunteering, please contact:  volunteer@riverside.org.nz and specify if you are interested in trust (trust enterprises: Farm, Education Programme, etc.) or community work (organic gardens).


How To Become A Member

If you are interested in community membership, we advise you to visit the community for the first time informally. Take a stroll, talk to some people, and perhaps come to our shared Community Lunch on Wednesdays. The next (or first step) is to write to the Community Meeting, giving detailed background information and reasons for wanting to join.


You may then be invited for a formal visit of up to 2 weeks. During this time we will host you (a Koha to cover your costs is appreciated), and you will be invited to meet members in their homes, and share in work and other activities.


After an interval for reflection, you can formally apply for a probationary membership in writing. This probationary membership period is up to two years, and you will live on the same basis as all other members. Any private assets you may own will be frozen during that time.


On becoming a member, assets remain frozen.


Prospective members must hold NZ permanent residency (residency for at least 2 years). Please note that we are unable to accept retired people for membership.


If you would like to go ahead with the membership application process, please send your expression of interest, with information about yourself and reasons for wanting to join, to info@riverside.org.nz

Community Lunch

Riverside Community provides a vegetarian Lunch every Wednesday at 12.30 pm, all made with organic produce from the Riverside Gardens and prepared by volunteers. Non-Members and visitors are welcome to come and join in. This is an inclusive event at the Riverside Community Centre. Just pop in, have a chat and connect with others. Learn about workshops the trust is offering and get a sense of why Riverside is special.

Donation towards the cost of the event is much appreciated - as is help with cleaning up afterwards.

Riverside Education Programme


Riverside Trust Education Programme runs throughout the year and consists of a variety of indoor/outdoor workshops and learning opportunities. For more info, please click here.

Accommodation At Riverside


We have several short-term accommodation options available to suit all budgets. Please visit the Hostel page.

If you are interested in long term rental accommodation up to 2 years, please write an expression of interest to our Tenancy Manager: tenancy@riverside.org.nz 

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