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Flourish! A Wholefood, Soul food approach to understand women's wellness

'Flourish' - A Wholefood, Soul food approach to understanding women's wellness

Sunday 6th December 10-1pm Riverside Community Centre - (in the main hall), & 6-9pm Fairfield House, Nelson.

Join Linda & other woman of all ages in this educational, inspiring & solution focused workshop designed to support the journey of womanhood & the modern-day challenges of staying healthy, happy and empowered. Gain understanding on the inner workings of your divine female body and how your different internal systems interact with one another. Visit her website for more info!

Registration required. $45 or bring a friend/teen daughter SAVE $5 each!

For more info, email Linda: eartheartnourishment@gmail.com or give her a call: 0220757649.

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