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The Bonsai Sessions

With Che Vincent and other Bonsai Enthusiasts

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, from 1pm

Riverside Community artist Che Vincent is holding informal bonsai sessions at the Riverside Cafe and you are welcome to join in...

Che is the bonsai artist and sculptor responsible for the beautiful displays of plants at the Cafe. In the 'Bonsai Sessions' Che will be working on his own trees and invites all interested to come along and see how it is done, ask questions and maybe even have a go.

If you have your own trees, bring them along too.

Che has also set up a fast growing Facebook forum for local bonsai enthusiasts. 'Hard Wired Bonsai' has now around 40 members and you are welcome to check it out and join.

So come on down to Riverside Cafe, admire Che's bonsai trees, grab a coffee, learn some new tricks from others and work on your own tree at the same time...

Bonsai Sessions, every 3rd Saturday, from 1pm at Riverside Cafe

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