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Wellness Workshops in April

A series of different workshops with GP Marie Noelle to improve health and wellness.

Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm, Starts 4th April

Come to one, two or all of them. All Welcome!

$35 each session

$55 for 2 sessions

$100 for 4 sessions (& get and additional 2 workshops for free)

$150 only for all 9 (April & May) workshops

Register with Marie: framatim@yahoo.fr or 022 689 5627

In Meeting Room


(based on Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques)

Very slow and smooth exercises, working on series of muscles, removing chronic tensions and allowing energy to flow freely. Improves joint pain, posture and mean while building muscles. Improves the perception of the body by bringing attention to slow movements.

Open to any age and fitness.


(based on Pranayama, Chi Kung and Ayurveda healing techniques)

Sounds are vibrations. Through uttering various sounds, you vibrate the inner body and massage the different organs.

- Remove inner tensions.

- Clean and dynamise the body.

- Improve the flow of energy ( blood, lymph, nervous fluid, Chi )

- Develop self awareness.

Open to all ages and fitness.


Relaxation, breathing and singing techniques to free your voice from inner tensions at the throat and belly level. Helps to remove mental, emotional and physical blockages.

Open to all.

CHI NEI TSANG, 25th April

Chi Nei Tsang is an old holistic taoist practice to detox and strengthen the body through auto-massage of the abdomen. Chi Nei Tsang means "changing the inner organs attitude". This will have an impact on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. Chi Nei Tsang allows inner communication. Listen to your own inner sensitive points to enable you to gently remove tensions and to create a healing field. All the body systems are concerned and also the energy system (chi) used in Acupuncture and Chi Kung.

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