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Open Floor at Riverside

Starts Sunday, 16th September, 10am - 12pm

Then 30th September, 14th & 28th October, 11th &18th November, 2nd December

At Riverside Centre (Peace Hall)

$15 - $20 (open to other exchanges)

Open Floor at Riverside with Jaime Howell.

A fortnightly guided exploration of aliveness and presence. No dance experience necessary.

Why mindfulness?

The more aware we are the more choices we have.

Why dance? Because life is movement, we cannot control the music of life but we can learn resources to move well.

Bringing movement and mindfulness together.

Open Floor movement explorations provide the opportunity to fully embody the wholesome effects of mindfulness, to learn in the bones of our being that we can move & include it all - the joy, grief, light & shadow of being fully human. From this state of openness we find the capacity to welcome difficulties as creative opportunities.

While each of the sessions will stand independently, the hope and motivation is to build a supportive group that offer spaces to transform unhelpful habitual patterns into new ways of being that nurture ourselves, our communities and the positive changes we want to see in the world.

Your Facilitator is Jaime Howell. Jaime works with children, youth and adults. He is the creator and director of Calm, Clear and Creative, a funded mindfulness education training for teachers throughout the Nelson region. Recently invited to teach in South America, he is sharing mindfulness through dance in the cities of Botcatu, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio.

Jaime is an Open Floor conscious movement teacher and Director of Opening Minds. He is a graduate of a three year school of mindfulness/meditation and went on to spend another three years as the resident practitioner at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. He is a volunteer Director of the Rites of Passage Foundation. A musician, a mover, wonderfully flawed, Jaime has a passion for creating spaces that offer calm, integration, aliveness and joy.

Open Floor Dance at Riverside Poster

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