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Showtime Abel Tasman - Eco Rock!

With John 'the Walrus' Crick

Friday, 28 September, 7pm OR

Sunday, 30 September, 2pm

Door Sales: $10/$5/$20 (2+2)

At Riverside Centre

And it's Showtime at Riverside for some Eco Rocking Abel Tasman. Come celebrate our wondrous national park. For starters, there's forty-five minutes of lively story, singing, puppeteering ~ all told by the wild-life and natural features of the park who sense in this party they are to reveal their live-styles and even secrets. John has a way of bringing the natural history alive. So, 45 minutes of eco-rock delights....But wait, there's more~

After interval, the "history" comes alive. It's far from heavy, though. Sailors Ghosts, Enchanted Coasts. The explorers, settlers, shipwrecks, and of course the visionary Perrine Moncrieff. No show without her.

Our younger audience members, who will likely have had a rocking good time in the first part of the show, I'd love them to stay for this mellow, intriguing time ~ it's shaped so the characters (not only humans), come alive to tell the tales, and is grand heritage stuff. No matter if there's a doze or three, young pals. 30 minutes, this part.

For more information, please see the accompanying poster, with lots of info.

'Hope to see you at a show!' John "the Walrus' Crick

John Crick Abel Tasman Show

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