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Willows Daughter

Saturday, 1st December, 1pm

At Riverside Centre (Peace Hall) $2per person, $6 per family

Also showing: Friday, 30th November, 7 pm at Imagine Theatre (Motueka)

Home School group performs original play!

"The Willows daughter" is an original stage play based upon the classic fairy tale Snow White, featuring assassins, maids and forest animals alongside the more well known characters of the story.

15 year old Soley Pauls has written a captivating script with a lot of love for detail. Whereas the basic plot remains as we remember it, the audience will encounter a few unexpected twists and turns as the story unfolds. Soley and her group of home-schooled friends, aged 6 to 16, have spend the last 6 months working out characters, choreographing dances, making costumes and props and finally rehearsing for the stage. There is something in this warm and funny Play for everyone.

While the overall performance is definitely family friendly, a couple of scenes may scare very young children.

Willows Daughter Play at Riverside

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