Kids Yoga (4 to 10 years)

With Jo Wilcox

Thursdays, 3.30pm - 4.30pm, starts 6th August

At Riverside Centre (Peace Hall)

$64 for term 3.

For bookings and more info, contact Jo: 021 170 9495

Term 3 starts 8th August


Introducing your child to Yoga, breathing exercises, guided relaxations and meditations. Join us for these fun and interactive classes.


We start the class by gathering in a circle. We then do a group activity to bring everyone together, doing this draws their focus and creates cohesion as a group, such as a name game or a warm up game to get the body moving. We then move into the Yoga Games, which alternate between more active, high energy games and slower more focused ones, each game creatively incorporates the different Yoga poses which is a fun way to learn and practice the poses together.


We use a variety of props in the games such as; yoga cards, soft animals, colourful pictures, scarves, letters, drawing, hula hoops etc. After 3-4 games we then move onto a Breathing Exercise; using the expanding “Breathing Ball”. Each child gets a turn to use the ball and practice Bee Breath, Snake Breath or Lions Breath. Next the children are encouraged to lie down, relax and be still, as they are taken on a Guided Relaxation Journey.


A small crystal is placed on their foreheads to encourage them to be still and focus. Quiet time and relaxation are important elements of Yoga. They are then brought out of the relaxation, trying to keep that calm and focused energy, as we come together again in a circle.


The final part of the class is a child-friendly meditation, encouraging quiet, focus, calm and mindfulness.


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