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Riverside Closed Until Further Notice

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Riverside Community Trust has decided to closes all its businesses directly dealing with the public. This includes Riverside Education, Riverside Centre and all weekly classes and upcoming events there as well as Riverside Hostel, Riverside Sojourn and the Riverside Milk Vending Shed. Riverside Office will no longer be accessible to the public either, but continues to operate at the moment (however, this may change).

In line with the Trust, Riverside Community is also closing its doors until further notice. The community asks anyone who doesn't live here to please keep your distance. Several Riverside residents have compromised immune system and we ask you to help us protect them!

Do not enter Riverside grounds for walks, letting your children play on the playground or for any other recreational activities at Riverside which may involve touching surfaces which cannot be immediately cleaned by you with a disinfectant. Only access Riverside trust land when absolutely necessary for essential services.

These are heart-breaking times and Riverside Community trustees and members are painfully aware that Riverside has never been closed to the general public before. However, all of us need to do our utmost best and self-isolate to slow the rate of infection. Please support us as we support you.

Take care!

Daisy on behalf of Riverside Community Trust Board and Riverside Community Members

Riversiders holding hands

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