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Make Pretzels: Baking Workshop for Kids (8 years +)

With Franka Haeussner

Organised by Riverside Education

Saturday, 26th August, 2pm to 4pm

Limited to 12 children.

$10 per child. Sponsorships available.

At Riverside Community

Who doesn't like pretzels? While most of us will have eaten more than one in our lifetime – not many can say they can make pretzels... now your child could be one of those few!

Soft pretzels are yeast bread that is formed into a pretzel shape. The one big difference in pretzel making, as opposed to regular bread making, is that pretzels are boiled and then baked. The boiling gives the outside of the pretzel its beautiful golden brown colour and uniquely crisp and chewy texture. The great thing is: once you have the dough, you can make any shape you like!

In addition, baking has a multitude of benefits for kids: It encourages creativity as children experiment with ingredients, develops fine motor skills, nurtures patience and, more importantly - delivers some yoyous experiences and delicious results. Your child will go home with a smile, a sprinkling of happiness and a belly full of their own warm pretzel.

A few things to keep in mind, though. We'll be using common white flour and butter, so those with gluten and dairy intolerances, please take note. And yes, we'll be dealing with boiling water too. That's part of the reason we're calling on adults to accompany the younger ones (under 8 years).

Limited to 12 children. Sponsorships available (just ask). Bookings essential: Book Now

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (at education@riverside.org.nz) for workshop questions or to ask about sponsorship options.

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