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The Riverside Community Cultural Centre, located on the hill above the Riverside Café, is an attractive and versatile facility for many different events, including Community Lunch (open to all) and Riverside Trust's educational workshops.


The beautiful centre started off as a humble local church in early 1961, and has been used for a variety of occasions over the years. If you want to know more about the transition from church to centre, please click here.


Church services, celebrations, meetings, weddings, theatre shows, community meals and exhibitions are some of the many events that are part of the Centre's history. Today, this special building is also home to regular classes, choir sessions and workshops that attract people from the wider Nelson region.

The Riverside Centre offers two main meeting/activity spaces and a large commercial kitchen as well as an artistically designed courtyard and airy foyer for lounging and discussion.  The whole venue is accessible by wheelchair and provides for an airy, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

We also offer accommodation on site (charged separately) and catering for small functions


You can choose to hire the whole venue or any of the spaces listed below (click on the space you are interested in to find out more).


Rangimarie - Peace Hall

 Kotahitanga - Meeting Room 

Commercial Kitchen

For all inquiries and bookings, please contact Barbie:


03 526 7033 ext.726

or 021 062 2322



All Prices include GST

Weekly Hire: Meeting Room OR Peace Hall 

Adult Class/Session: $16/hour

Kids Class/Session: $12/hour

Hourly Rate: Meeting Room OR Peace Hall 


Hourly Rate: Commercial Kitchen


Day Hire: Meeting Room OR Peace Hall


Day Hire: Whole Venue with MINIMAL use of Kitchen

$175/day - Add $60 for FULL use of Kitchen

Evening Hire: Whole Venue with MINIMAL use of Kitchen

$175/evening - Add $60 for FULL use of Kitchen

Day & Evening Hire: Meeting Room OR Peace Hall

$175 total 

Day & Evening Hire: Whole Venue with MINIMAL use of Kitchen

$230 total - Add $70 to $100 (depending on number of guests) for FULL use of Kitchen

Wedding Hire (48 hours)

$950 total - Add $115 for FULL use of Kitchen.

Non-refundable deposit of $350 is due on confirmation of booking.

Marae Style Accommodation

$14/night for first 3 nights - $12/night when booking for more than 3 nights.

Marae Style Accommodation is ONLY available for Centre guests.

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