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Che Vincent Gallery

Gallery Sign at the Riverside Cafe
Inside the Lower Moutere Gallery
Outside the Gallery near Nelson
Gallery Entrance
Gallery Entrance Detail
Che Vincent's Copper Panels
'Edges' Copper Panel, 2017

Whilst dining at the Riverside Café,  there is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. From the beautiful gardens to the exquisite copper chandelier lighting the main dining area, Che Vincent’s landscaping and artwork endow this Lower Moutere scene with a sense of vitality and beauty.


A short meander across the café’s footbridge and down the path takes you to the gallery and studio, the place where these artworks are created by Che Vincent. The gallery near Nelson, transformed from an old Riverside packing shed, invites you in to enjoy the play of light and shadow.

Stylised steel tuataras, fantails and taniwhas contrast with the unique copper wall panels, back-lit sconces and free-standing lamps. Giant Beetles and Hermit crabs pattern the walls with their glow. 

Che Vincent Gallery is run by Riverside Community Trust Board and profits go towards supporting charitable causes.


Che Vincent Art Gallery website: www.chevincent.co.nz

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