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Community Values & Vision

Identity Statement

Community members accept responsibility to hold Riverside and its values in trust for future generations. We ask each member to contribute to the group according to their ability, and the community strives to meet members' needs fairly. Riverside Community continues to be driven by the idea of a 'cooperative living for peace and sustainability' and seeks to fulfill the trust's deed wherever possible.

NZ's oldest intentional Community


We see our way of life as our main contribution to peacemaking.  We offer an opportunity for people to put group living ideals into practice. We have come together in a community to do good, to avoid doing harm, in all aspects of our lives, to the best of our ability; values common to all the great religions.  This is the commitment of each community member. We accept all human beings as our brothers and sisters and choose to behave towards them with love and not with violence.  We use our pooled resources in service to others, and for social, peace and environmental causes.


We aim to be, and are widely recognised as, a successful example of cooperative living. All members are responsible for the management of community matters.  Decisions are made by consensus at a weekly meeting. We share responsibility for policy-making and planning. We work together in the development and maintenance of the community, making the best use of each individual's strengths and talents. We choose equality of personal income. Our work aims to support Riverside Trust objectives of furthering education and eradicating poverty and suffering.


We are committed to social justice, both locally and internationally.  We pool our resources, support collective ownership and share responsibility for our social and financial well-being. We aim to be self-supporting. We strive to develop a fruitful beautiful countryside and live in ways that do not harm the planet. We study and put into practice environmentally conscious horticulture, farming and living.

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