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Riverside Charitable Trust

Spotty Art Workshop
Cob Oven Workshop
Music Festival 2018
Dumpling Workshop
Grafting Workshop
Circus Skills Sessions
Music Festival 2018
Wind Chime Workshop
Bushcraft Workshop
Cheese Making Workshop
Bonsai Workshop
Dotty Art Workshop
Autumn Decorations Workshop
Conscious Dance 2020
Music Festival2018
Rock Hunt Workshop

The Trust

The Trust was set up for the promotion of religion (which is no longer pursued), the advancement of education, and for the relief of poverty within NZ.

All land and assets are owned by the trust, and the board of trustees is made up of some of the community members. Community members are the caretakers of the trust assets, and profits from  trust businesses are used to fulfill its charitable purposes.              

The main income is drawn from rental properties, the farm, selling raw fresh milk and life stock. The trust runs a number of other businesses including a hire venue, an art gallery (currently closed), and short stay accommodation.             

Riverside Education

Riverside's education programme is aimed at learning ways of taking care of ourselves, each other and the earth. It is sponsored by the Riverside's charitable trust, and each workshop within the programme provides free spaces for people who cannot afford the usual course fee.


The diverse and inspiring programme provides hands-on learning opportunities for our local community. In a wide range of workshops tailored to the seasons, tutors share many practical skills for a healthy and self-supporting way of life.


For information on the range of Riverside Education workshops, please click here. For dates and details on upcoming Riverside events and more, please take a look at what's happening.

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