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The Farm

Dairy Farm, 2015
Sileage, 1959
Dairy Farming, 2015
Pea Harvesting, 1959
Sheep Farming
Apple Harvest, 1960
Tractor by the Oval, 2015
Riverside Members & Packers, 1955

Riverside Farm is one of the trust's main income sources and profits are invested in promoting education and supporting vulnerable groups within NZ society. Riverside Community Trust Board has a diverse history of farming, including dairy,  gardens, orchards, sheep, pigs - all of them playing a part in its development. Originally built up by members of Riverside Community, the trust now continues to be run by Riverside Community members as well as Non-Riverside employees.


Riverside Community Trust also owned one of the largest orchards in the district 30 years ago. However, from 2002 the commercial apple production became uneconomic and was ceased completely in 2004.  Similarly, operation of the small commercial pear orchard had to be abandoned in 2013.


The dairy cows have always been a part of Riverside Farm. In the old days, it was a small herd of about 50 Jerseys. Today the dairy herd has around 140 milking cows, and the farm team increasingly incorporates sustainable and regenerative farming practices in a bid to become a local role model for environmentally friendly farming. Riverside Farm also provides farm fresh milk from a vending machine to the general public and has, at times, donated farm produce such as milk to other local charitable organisations such as 'Food For Families'. 

(The Book Exchange Fridge is located next to the milk vending shed.) 

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