Riverside Hostel Terms & Conditions

Minimum booking age is 18 years.


Initial maximum length of booking is one month with the possibility of extending your stay, subject to availability of rooms and at the discretion of hostel management.

Payment is due on arrival in advance, and every Thursday evening from 7.30pm to 8pm for guests wishing to stay longer than initially paid for. Please ensure you are there on time when payment is collected!

Twin rooms sleep two people, but may be booked for one person only. However, in this situation you will have to pay the full room rate.


Hostel managers and staff retain the right to refuse accommodation at any time.


Check-In time is between 4pm and 8pm. Check-Out time is 10am.

Riverside Hostel House Rules

The Hostel is located in the heart of Riverside Community and surrounded by houses of Riverside residents. To ensure that Riverside Hostel continues to be a welcoming, sustainable and safe space for everyone, including other hostel guests, we ask you to follow these house rules. Thank YOU!

NO ALCOHOL, SMOKING OR ILLEGAL DRUGS on our premises (hostel and adjacent public areas)!!! Please note that we have a 'zero tolerance policy' in place. Anyone found to be drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes (or weed) or using illicit substances, will be asked to leave immediately.

10km SPEED LIMIT! Please drive slowly in Riverside. We have plenty of young children who run around and like to play everywhere (Lucky Kids, ey!).

NO DISCRIMINATORY, ABUSIVE OR VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR! This is a safe space for everyone. We also do not tolerate damage to hostel’s or other guest’s property or theft. Hostel guests engaging in any of these behaviours and activities will be asked to leave Riverside immediately. Police will be called if necessary.

PLEASE BE QUIET AFTER 10pm. Practice mindfulness and try to keep your noise level down at all times – our hostel is not a party hub. ​No drumming any time! 

NO VSITORS AFTER 10PM, unless arranged with Hostel Management beforehand.

PLEASE FOLLOW OUR RECYCLING RULES. The less waste, the better. If unsure where to throw what, check our recycling/rubbish sheet or ask hostel staff.

Please label your food clearly with your name.


Take your belongings back to your room. Riverside Hostel Management does not take responsibility for any lost items.

Please wash your dishes immediately after use and become the most popular hostel guest ever.

Please turn off your heatpump when leaving your room or if you are the last person in the kitchen or bathroom.

Privacy Policy

Riverside Hostel values your privacy and takes every step to ensure that your information remains confidential according to the NZ Privacy Act 1993. We will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information, except when we have your permission or are required to do so by regulatory or legal authorities (for example police).


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