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'Grief & Gratitude' 2 Day Workshop

24th & 25h September, 10am - 4pm

Day 1: Gratitude & Day 2: Grief

At Riverside Centre

Limited to 22 places

Day 1 - Gratitude Day 2 - Grief

'This workshop will explore how we can remain connected when life offers such extreme highs and lows, such as birth and death. By cultivating the internal observer we can learn to identify habitual & addictive ways that we use to block us from living in the fullness of life. The weekend will include different practices that will build the capacity to experience both grief and gratitude with an open-hearted response.

The weekend will include:

- How to express authentic gratitude so it can be received fully - How to receive gratitude even if it feels uncomfortable - How to be with grief fully - How to support someone to be with their grief - How the body can guide us - Partner/triad exercises

Dig deep, release the story by feeling fully, play and laugh, and do all this in a relaxing way... Our work is supported by practices learned with Robert Gonzales (CNVC) & life's many other teachers along the way.'

For Bookings, please contact Irma: 03 526 8080 or email: droppers@clear.net.nz

For more information on the workshop facilitators, please click Here.

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