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Bonsai! Introductory Workshop

Get a glimpse into the world of bonsai art and take your own bonsai home at the end of it!

With Che Vincent

Saturday, 8th October, 1pm - 5pm

At Riverside Cafe

Delight in creating your own bonsai. Che Vincent will guide you through the practical and aesthetic aspects of creating your very own bonsai tree from retail nursery material.

This course will be held among the spectacular plants in the gardens of the Riverside Café at Riverside Community.

On-going support and contact is welcomed through Che’s Facebook forum “Hard Wired Bonsai”.

Course fee of $110 includes instruction ($60) and a potted tree, inclusive of wire and soil ($50).

For registrations contact: riversidecommunitynz@gmail.com

Che Vincent lives and works as sculptor and landscape designer at Riverside Community. A keen gardener from an early age, Che started growing bonsai as a teen in the 1980s. He has grown a range of traditional bonsai species and more recently experimented widely with a range of New Zealand native trees with some promising results. He now has a large collection of trees and a nursery full of plants in various stages of development. In the Japanese summer of 2015 Che spent time on a Bonsai Nursery in Kagawa prefecture were he gained valuable insight into the cultural practices employed in the creation of bonsai and the culture of the industry itself.

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