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Share Your Skills!

Have you got skills that others could learn as well?

Did you gain some wisdom over the years that you would like to pass on?

Have you got expertise in an area that may be of interest to others?

Would you like to support the people in your community?

If you nodded your head or whispered 'yes' in response to any of the above questions, you may be interested in joining our Not-For-Profit workshop series, here at Riverside Community! And you don't have to be a teacher to teach others...

Our 'Riverside Education Program' is looking for people who are keen to share their knowledge in a one-off workshop setting. So that you may get an idea of what we have already planned for this year, here is a list of workshops in the making: Thai Cooking, Needle Felting, Basic Car Maintenance for Women, Bonsai for Beginners, Alternatives to Antibiotics...

If you are keen to add your own workshop to this list, enjoy engaging with others and would like to support members of your community in gaining some new skills, or knowledge, we invite you to write to us and give us an outline of your plan: riversidecommunitynz@gmail.com.

How does it all work? you may wonder...

We offer you a (free of charge) space for your workshop and will advertise your event on all of our public platforms. If you have a business that offers services or products related to your workshop, we will also provide links to your business address/online presence.

In return, you give your time and knowledge free of charge to anyone who would like to participate. In essence, you will be part of a community based education approach aimed at providing affordable learning opportunities to everyone. Participants will be asked for a koha/donation (and material costs if needed) only to cover the venue hire (and even koha is negotiable if participants can't afford the workshop otherwise). All profits - if any - will go towards charitable purposes.

You interested? Great - write us a few lines :) Looking forward hearing from you soon!

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