Wanted: Workshop Tutors!

The Riverside Education Programme is always looking for people to share their skills and run one of our popular educational workshops. At the moment, we are specifically looking for someone who has experience in one of the following topics:


  • Soap Making without caustic soda

  • making Hot Compost

  • Making Your Own Shampoo

  • anything to do with Backyard Gardening/Producing Food on Small Acreage

  • Beekeeping

  • how to Tan a Hide

  • Sausage Making

  • how to Convert a Car or Scooter to Run on Electricity (legally, of course!)

  • Floor or Wall mosaic 


Plus anything YOU would like to teach ;)


Our tutors are paid, well supported and much appreciated!

Please get in touch with Tanja at abundantnz@yahoo.co.nz if you are interested or know someone who we can approach. And please spread the word!


For more info on our Education Programme click here. 





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