Wanted: Workshop Tutors!

Makers of Things, DIY Masters, Sustanibility Legends - We need YOU!


Riverside Education, our charitable trust's awesomemonthly community workshop programme, is looking for someone like YOU - someone who has got a skill, talent or experience to offer that wants to be shared with others. 


At the moment, we are specifically looking for someone with experience in solar cooking and drying, someone who can teach natural care of pets and lifestyle animals, someone who can introduce people to the basics of head massage, someone who can build a council approved composting toilet... but it could be something else altogether - something that you are simply passionate about and others could benefit from!


Lots of opportunities here to spread your knowledge, be it in artisan crafts, diy skills or knowledge on more sustainable living. We are always open to topic or contact suggestions.  Our tutors are paid, supported and much appreciated!

Please contact Tanja:  education@riverside.org.nz if you want to get involved.


For more info on our Education Programme click here. 





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