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Healing Through Breathing

With French GP Marie Noelle

All Welcome

Mondays, 7pm - 8.30 pm

Participation by Koha, Drop In Class (Before coming for the 1st time, please email Marie for a short introduction, thanks)

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

For further information please contact Marie Noelle: framatim@yahoo.fr or 022 689 5627

For many of us, breathing means air coming in and out of the nostrils, inflating more or less the chest and the abdomen. We never really learnt the process of breathing and how to feel what is going on inside our trunk. But breathing is not just about gas exchanges - it deals also with subtle energies and is the royal way to relaxation (by consciously directing the Sympathetic nervous system).


  • to improve your posture and your lung's capacity to soon achieve a slow, regular, deep way of breathing.

  • to use your breath to work on stress and reach deeper level of relaxation and awareness of the body.

  • to join the breath and simple somatic exercises while stretching and strengthening your muscles and increasing awareness of your body.

  • Yoga Nidra sessions

Individual work with every participant will help to identify their own issues ( don't worry, everyone has issues! The point is to get conscious of them to be able to work on them). Whatever your field of practice may be, right respiration will always increase your abilities by making you more grounded, more centered, more conscious. Welcome to all - with or without any yoga background because the teaching is simple and easily understood by everyone!

About the facilitator:

Marie is a medical certified doctor from France. She has practiced Astanga Yoga, Pranayama and Vipassana for more than 25 years, Tai Chi and Chi Kong for 14 years. She is coming from the international community of Auroville (South India) where she has lived as voluntary worker for the last 15 years, giving breathing classes and workshops.

She is currently living at Riverside community with her partner and proposes to introduce you to her work on breathing through her Koha based classes. Come to one class or many and give 'Helaing Through Breathing' a chance.

Healing Through Breathing Poster

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