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'Daring To Be Real' - Advanced Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Course

Saturday, 5th May, 9.30 - 3pm

Sunday, 6th May, 10am - 4pm

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

Participation is by Koha/Donation

Are you looking for genuine self acceptance, freedom and more authenticity in your relationships?

Are you frustrated that, even with all the knowing you have, all the years of learning new ways of communicating, in certain situations you don’t have access to all that? There is a reason why this is so – in such situations unresolved pain is being stimulated that is projected onto the other or the situation. Whenever we have a communication problem, there’s always old pain stimulated, stored in our body, especially in our heart. Bringing awareness and compassion to those parts in us, frees us from the old (lifelong) conditioning. It opens us to the light and core we really are. This 2 day weekend training takes a different approach to NVC from a psychological spiritual view, and will help you to transform old habits that no longer serve you, free up trauma that is stored in your bones, and support you to live a more wonderful life. Participants will leave with a renewed sense of hope and a deep self love.

Included will be a range of practices that will support the embodiment of NVC in a holistic way and can be applied into daily life immediately. It is designed for people who have an understanding of the basic NVC model, either having completed a foundation training or an online course. However, it is open to everyone who wishes to transform relationships - with self and other.

You will have fun, dig deep, find new self acceptance, experience healing, be challenged, and take away life-changing tools.

As we are offering the course by Koha (exchange) we encourage you to book your spot consciously as there are limited places. Normally these courses run for between $250-300 p/person. The course runs from Saturday 5th May, 9.30 - 3pm & Sunday 10am - 4pm.

Non Violent Communication Workshop Poster at Riverside

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