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Miso Making Workshop

With Kumi Cave

Sunday 14th October, 1.30pm - 3.30pm

At Riverside Community Centre (Kitchen)

$30 per person (includes ingredients)

Participants get to take 1KG of miso home

To register for this workshop, email Kumi: kumichoconeco@gmail.com

Miso making is not as difficult as you might think!

We will mash cooked soybeans, hand mix them and put them in jars to take home. The miso will be ready to eat in 6 months.

For me, growing up in Japan, miso was just an everyday food, but since starting to make my own miso in NZ, I have come to appreciate this nutritious food, which is so indispensible to the flavours of the traditional cuisine of my home country. Miso making has stimulated my interest in the role different microbes have in the fermentation process, which I continue to research with enthusiasm. Most fermented food is produced by multiple organisms working together to improve our food, and Miso is no exception.

In addition to teaching miso making, I will introduce the basics of the fermentation process and its nutritional benefits, and I will give some suggestions about different ways to use miso in daily cooking.

All ingredients will be provided:

Rice culture made from Australian organic sprouted brown rice, organic Canadian soybeans, organic NZ sea salt.

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