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'Sensorial Light'

Art Exhibition By Michele Fiori

Saturday, 15th December, 11am - 7pm

Sunday, 16th December, 11am - 7pm

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

Free Event

'Sensorial Light' is an artistic exhibition of a series of images, displaying the effects which light can produce.

A scratch technique that wants to reveal something that is hidden between the transparency of glass and the sense of an idea...

This study is a path on which Michele Fiori has chosen to become his personal artistic research and where he is trying to grasp the meaning of images, light and soul...

"WE ARE NOT BORN TO LIVE IN THE SHADOW, WE ARE LIGHTS THAT WAIT TO BE PART OF A BEAUTIFUL CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN DREAM AND REALITY" in a world in which the conflict between light and dark lives in a coexisting and symbolic environment: the presence of it is essential to the survival of the other.

Michele Fiori is an Italian artist living in New Zealand since 2017.

It is in this environment, so far from his hometown, where he has found a new path towards the subject of light, which he has followed since the beginning of his journey. A 2013 graduate of Art Business at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, he has participated in several artistic events and went on to win an art competition in Rome by the Chamber of Commerce.

To find out more about the Artist, please visit his website.

Sensorial Light Exhibition at Riverside

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