Core Beliefs & Communication

2 Workshops With Voni Dyson (Holisitic Life Coach)

Sunday, 24th March

Core Beliefs Workshop: 5pm - 7pm

Communication Workshop: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

85 per workshop or $140 for both

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room) Queries or registration: or

Come to either or both! Workshop 1: Core Beliefs - The Engine Room - Learn how Core Beliefs play out in your life EVERY DAY! - Learn how your can work out YOUR beliefs that drive your thought/feeling/behaviour patterns. Workshop 2: Communication - Your Gift Wrap - Discover your default communication style - Feel equipped to have those tough conversations Come prepared to be challenged and stretched - leave with your mind blissfully blown! This series of 6 workshops will shift perspective, increase insight and offer tools that can truly shift your experience of life! Understand how freakin awesome you actually ARE!!!

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Core Beliefs Workshop