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Wild Weed Walk with John Massey

With John Massey

Organised by the Riverside Education Programme

Saturday, 2nd of November, 10am - 3pm (weather dependent)

$50 per person

At Riverside Community

For more info and to register: education@riverside.org.nz

Come and spend a day with John Massey; identify wild plants and common “weeds”, learn about their properties and how they can help us.

John Massey is a master gardener, bee keeper, seed saver, ‘kitchen pharmacist’ and professional herbalist, with an extensive and global knowledge of edible weeds and plant uses. John did his formal herb training at the California Herb School. During his 18 years of working at both the Golden Bay and Waimarama Community Gardens (Nelson), he has facilitated regular courses in nature observation and atonement, guiding participants into the mysteries of the plant world, plus their practical application.

This workshop is proudly sponsored by Riverside Community Trust.

John Massey Wild Weed Walk at Riverside

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