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Welcome Back

With Level 2 allowing some more freedom, Riverside Community Trust is finally welcoming back the wider community.

Our education programme is starting up in June, and Riverside Milk has already been back to milk vending milk since level 3. The Community & Cultural Centre is also slowly waking up, with some Yoga, Aerial Silks and Circus classes already running.

Because of ongoing Covid-19 concerns, however, many of our activities look and feel slightly different. It's all about keeping staff, customers and class participants safe. We ask you to wash or sanitise your hands before you enter any of our public buildings . and to keep your distance to others at all times. If unwell, please stay at home.

While we are looking forward to seeing a few more faces around, work and life at Riverside is still a far cry from pre-Covid-19 days. Riverside Community Lunch along with many other events at the Centre won't be happening yet, meaning the trust is currently rather humming than buzzing. We are very aware that many of us are still trying to figure out how to navigate this new normal.

Perhaps we will be able to host you all more frequently soon, perhaps level 1 will once again allow for bigger gatherings and a communal sigh of relief. Let's all wait patiently and hope for the best.

For more information on classes and activities, check in to our 'Regular Events' page and stay updated by visiting our 'Happenings' page every now and then. We will also endeavor to keep everyone posted via Facebook.

Take Care

Daisy Cole on behalf of Riverside Community Trust Board

Welcome Back at Riverside

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