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Awakening your Pleasure Genius: A Journey into deeper Understanding and Healing

Weekend workshop with Ylia Sawitzki Friday, 19th May to Sunday, 21st May Earlybird Course Fee: Women $370.00 | Mixed Sex Couples $520.00 (available till 5 pm on Friday, 28th April 2023)

Standard Course Fee: Women $450.00 | Mixed Sex Couple $630.00

Limited spaces.

Registrations essential: https://forms.gle/vym3wd3BiEyCdWdg6

At Riverside Centre

What if…Female Pleasure was a secret doorway.

Here is what could be waiting for you on the other side:

  • The activation of deep joy and aliveness - your feminine creative juices flowing.

  • Stepping into your true power and a profound sense of your innate feminine goodness and well-being!

Very few of us have found this magic doorway, which is no wonder!

Society could be more helpful and usually only offers maps that lead us away from this realisation of our delicious innate body wisdom. Consequently, we can end up frustrated, hopeless and blaming our beautiful bodies for “not functioning properly”.

That is why Ylia has created this course!

A weekend-long workshop for both Women and Men – learning together about the feminine wisdom and healing potential of the Yoni that is activated by true pleasure!

For that to happen, we first need to unravel the mystery of female pleasure a little:

  • How do we connect with pleasure and then journey up the staircase of arousal into higher levels of pleasure?

  • How do we drop into surrender and expand into soft whole-body pleasure right into orgasm and beyond?

  • And finally, how can men understand our inner workings and then profoundly support and join us on this journey into blissful self-realisation?

This course is designed to answer these questions and more. Creating a safe space, Ylia will share the depths of her knowledge and experience to create awareness and offer tools to support the development of a healing and nourishing relationship with feminine pleasure.

About the weekend: "A whole weekend to deepen into softness, connection and compassion for each other's challenges and journeys in regards to sexuality." "Releasing women from the burden of believing there's "something wrong" and back into full trust and connection with our incredible female bodies." "Bringing together women and men and facilitating precious mutual understanding and support... Bringing couples closer together by gaining a deeper appreciation for how we can truly support each other's pleasure and trust." The weekend has two parts: Friday night to Saturday night - Open to both the feminine and the masculine to facilitate mixed-sex couples in developing awareness and being of positive and active support in exploring potentially profound rewards within the relationship. Sunday - For the feminine only, allowing a deeper dive and integration of the weekend's learning. (There is the potential (if there is interest) of a separate masculine sharing circle and brunch on Sunday) Weekend Flow: Friday 19th May

  • 6.30pm to 9.30pm - Developing a safe and nourishing container (Masculine and Feminine)

    • Introductions | Exploration of Consent and Boundaries | Discussion around what people would like to receive from the weekend.

Saturday 20th May

  • 10.00am to 5.30pm - Exploration of Yoni mapping and female pleasure (Masculine and Feminine)

    • Discussion of Yoni Mapping Therapy and Feminine pleasure | Whole Body Pleasure Breathwork | Shared Lunch

    • Break out groups to allow the masculine and the feminine to discuss experiences separately | Collective sharing of experiences

  • 7.00pm to 9.00pm - Conscious Dance Flow

Sunday 21st May

  • 10.00am to 5.30pm – A deeper exploration of Yoni Mapping and Female Pleasure (Feminine only)

    • Practical tools | A creative process | Shared Lunch | Finding and developing support within the wider community.

(Potential of a separate masculine sharing circle and brunch on Sunday if there is interest)

Please indicate on the registration form (see below) if you want to pay in instalments. Registration: Due to the sensitive nature of the workshop, acceptance to attend is subject to completing a registration form and the workshop facilitator feeling you (and your partner) have done the necessary personal groundwork. Please follow the link below to register: https://forms.gle/vym3wd3BiEyCdWdg6

Accommodation on site: A limited amount of accommodation is available on site (beginning @ $30 per night). Please indicate if you want to explore this option in the registration form. Offered on a first-come, first-served basis. What is Yoni Mapping Therapy? Follow the link below to read about this profound healing modality: https://www.yonimappingtherapy.com/

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

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