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Back to the Beginnings: Infant Reflex Integration and Child Development in the First Year of Life

With Edith Bulle

Tuesday, 20th June, 10am to 12pm: Introductory Lecture

Thursday, 29th June, 10am to 12pm: Workshop 1, On Infant development in year 1

Tuesday, 18th July, 10am to 12pm: Workshop 2, The Kindergarten Child

Tuesday, 25th July, 10am to 12pm: Workshop 3, School Readiness

The Introductory Lecture is free of charge. $20 NZ for each subsequent workshop.

They can be booked individually. Includes handout.

Bookings required: edithbulle@gmail.com or phone 02 256 28571

At Riverside Centre (Kotahitanga Room)

Please come and join me in three workshops for parents of young children to have a closer look at '7 Archetypes stages in the first year of a child's life'

The foundations for healthy lifelong learning are being built with the help of infant reflexes and automatic sensory motor responses.

The concept of infant reflexes, their maturation, integration and relevance for human life will be introduced and hopefully supported with observations from your own life experiences. Be prepared to try out the 7 movement stages together.

An active course package which can inspire your own interaction with your young child and provide you with some insights into how to help your child come into his/her body.

The package consists of an introductory lecture and three workshops. The first workshop is geared towards pregnant mothers and young parents and will take you back to the beginnings of life, introduce the role and function of different reflex patterns and highlight particular milestones an infant has to master on his/her own efforts.

The second workshop will take a closer look at the child in kindergarten and observable sensory-motor developments at the age of 3-4 years. Different playful activities will be introduced, which can be used to support movement, balance, speech and social skills. Be prepared to move!

The third workshop will address the concerns about school readiness and different observations that might be indicators of developmental delays, i.e. immature reflex integration. The seven archetypes are still being used as a frame of reference. What can be done to mature reflex patterns at a later stage and ease the transition into school? Be prepared to share your own experiences if you want.

About Edith Bulle:

Master of Disability and Inclusion Studies (NZ)

Master of Arts in Teaching (USA),

Consultant for Developmental Learning Support

Pedagogical Advisor in Steiner Schools in several Asian countries

Remedial Steiner Teacher and Parent Coach in Germany

Learning Support Coordinator at Steiner School in Australia

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.


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