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Chrystal Sound Bath

29th April, 7pm Door Sales: $25-$35 sliding scale (cash only)

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At the Centre (Rangimarie Hall)

Bring: Yoga mat & blanket or anything else that will ensure your comfort during the session.

As we head towards the time of the Dark Moon, it is a potent time to journey within, to reflect, to surrender & release. By turning inwards and nurturing ourselves, we create space for our lunar rebirth at the time of the new moon.

Held with great reverence by your facilitator Katyayani who is a natural, intuitive sacred space holder and creates a safe container for your journey.

Katyayani guides you through a deep relaxation & chakra meditation sound bath in shavasana to the sacred sounds of the crystal singing bowls & chakra chimes. Both are attuned to 432 hertz, the harmonic of nature, of Mama Gaia.

As our bodies are crystalline in structure, they are receptive to deep healing on all levels through sound therapy. As you surrender to the vibrations, your body will be cleansed, balanced & recalibrated. Leaving you relaxed, peaceful & in a state of bliss. Gift yourself this space to nourish the deepest layers of your being.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration" - Nikola Tesla

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Crystal Spund Bath


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