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Crossing The Threshold

Poems, Songs, Dance

Saturday, 3rd September, 7.30pm

Suggested contribution: $20

Reserve a seat: Click HERE (Google Form)

At Riverside Centre (Rangimarie Hall)


The Great Turning describes a shift in human consciousness. It is both out there and in here. A quiet revolution from ego to eco awakening. No signs, no hierarchy, nothing much to galvanise a CV. In a post covid world, let us dream in something more wondrous than an unplanned drift into ”Business as usual.”


Welcome to an evening of showing up. An authentic coming out story. Jaime will share a handful of original songs about a transition, a story told with soul poems of the mythopoets such as David Whyte, Mary Oliver and more. It will map a pathless journey of the personal/collective unravelling and the possibilities that exist to marry ego and soul in service to the Great Turning.

Chapters such as; going to the monastery into the rites of passage; the collapse of a life; the vision quest; the death lodge; and the naked hope of an organic birth-rite into belonging.

It is aspired that the event will celebrate and building connections in this our local community. A cup of chai and a tasty treat will be offered, and for those who want to stay a little longer a pithy dance into the Great Turning.

Costs are based on your generous heart… You will receive the bare boned story of local human hungry for community, a concert, some poems of the heart from the heart, a chai, a tasty treat and a dance if you want to stay for that. All for the generous sum of $20 upwards. All proceeds to kick start the emerging charitable trust, Centre for the Great Turning.


3rd September 7.30pm onwards Riverside Community Hall WHY Because the world is hungry for a new vision of what it might mean to be whole. And maybe the more than human world is waiting for us to remember?


To help me manage numbers on the night it would help me a lot to know you are intending to come. Here is a link to a very simple form (https://forms.gle/RqbEKoPCYUAAoNyc8), you can offer the $20 here to reserve a seat or give what’s in your heart at the door.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.


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