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Fear Club

4 weeks series with Ewa Szczepaniak

Saturdays, 20th & 27th April and 4th & 11th of May, 10am to 12.30pm

Fee: $140 to $200

Includes weekly experiments and shared research in the Telegram group

To register, please fill out this Form (includes payment details)

For more information: szczepaniak.ewa@gmail.com or Telegram: +48 575 884 404

You can live in verbal reality or experiential reality. In the first one, you express and experience what you have a name for. In the other one, you express and experience what is possible to experience.

You can choose to live a safe, known life or live full out. What do you choose?

You already know how to feel. Do you allow yourself to feel fully? What is blocking you from experiencing and expressing what is really in your heart and creating from the NOW? In my experience, it is unconscious fear: fear of letting go of control, judgments about yourself, not knowing what will be the result, and chaos. All these fears protect you from the unlimited, unpredictable forces of Aliveness and Creation that your Being is longing for.

Distinguishing between emotional fear and conscious fear is a skill. This skill allows you to navigate towards Healing old wounds to unlock blocked potential and towards the impulses and information sent from your Archetypal Lineage. Every Fear that you feel has information for you.

By consciously using the energy of fear, you expand the possibility of transformation.

Fear Club is not about healing your fear, making it disappear, or trying to calm it down. It is a safe learning environment that allows you to reconnect to the adult and Archetypal power and intelligence of Fear so that you can use it to

* Be present with all that is,

* Navigate out of your comfort zone,

* Scan for what is invisible and for what’s not being said and needs to be said,

* Listen to the space and Archetypal Lineage,

* Discover new ways, new possibilities,

* Create Intimacy and Love,

* Hold space,

* Discover the Magician and the Sorceress in you.

Fear Club is a Research Team. It is a space for transforming your Fears from unconscious to conscious and expanding your capacity to feel pure Fear. It is a four-week journey with in-person group sessions and experiments in between.

REQUIREMENTS: you can distinguish between Anger, Sadness, Fear and Joy and between Feelings and Emotions. For example, you have participated in a Rage Club or an ETB.



Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the post above are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Fear Club at Riverside


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