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Floral Art - Kids Workshop (8 years+)

Workshop for Kids 8 years and older

Organised by Riverside Education

With Tanja Pauls

Wednesday, 7th December, 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Limited to 15 participants

$5 per child. Registrations essential: Click Here.

At Riverside Centre

We have a treat for you – or, more precisely: for your kids. It involves smashing stuff.

“Flower pounding” or “floral hammering” is a straightforward approach to eco-art that even relatively young kids can master. And this is the perfect time of year to try it out; collect a selection of the abundance of flowers around, and let us show you some methods of preserving a snapshot of early summer colours on paper or fabric.

The pigments in the plants are vibrant and create stunning collages. In a little under an hour, the kids can create more than one seasonal gift, card, or piece of art to take home. And once they know how to do it, nothing will stop them from recreating the process at home with materials you already have.

It’s part craft, part stress management :)

Limited to 15 participants 8 years and older (Younger kids are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult).

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja at education@riverside.org.nz to discuss sponsorship options if you are struggling to meet the workshop fee or to enquire about more info.

Floral art Workshop at Riveride


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