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Nixie Pixie - Live Music

Sunday, 16th October, 5pm to 7pm

Cost: $15 unwaged | $20 waged

Children 13 and under are free

Chai and treats included!

Sound lovingly crafted by Gary @ KSM Productions

At Riverside Centre

Join Pixie and friends for an evening of live music featuring originals and covers Pixie has made her own.

Pixie describes her performances as heartfelt, tender, honest and always real and vulnerable as she shares stories of her life in a folk bluegrass style, playing both the ukulele and trumpet in ways you wouldn't expect!

Born in the UK Nicola (Pixie) started playing both the trumpet and piano at 7 years of age, inheriting her passion from her grandparents - one side classical, the other improvised!

Although formally classically trained Pixie is forever grateful to her trumpet teacher who threw her sheet music away, asking her to replay Hayden's trumpet concerto again. When she said "I don’t know it!" he replied, "It's in your heart!"

At 18 years of age, Pixie went travelling around the world before starting her Performance BA Hons and then Masters. She started songwriting at 30 after a 12-day Great Freedom retreat where she embodied dropping away the ‘Caring what people think of you and shining with your strength, gifts and talents.’“Instead of value letters, spontaneous songs of gratitude began...” Never thinking to write, the songs just come spontaneously, it's not until recently that she has begun to write and record them.

After 20 years of creative antics while travelling around the world, in the last 18 months her journey has shifted to that of Mother with Pixie now capturing songs that have been more meaningful. From busking around the world, to playing in cafes and restaurants for her dinner, Pixie now prefers house concert-style performances where the lyrics and stories touch others’ hearts.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Nixie Pixie Concert


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