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Sound Journey with Sika (November 2023)

With Sika

Friday, 17th November, 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Tickets online: $44.30 - Door Sales: $45 (subject to availability)

Get Tickets at eventfinda.co.nz

At Riverside Centre (Rangimarie Hall/Peace Hall)

'A magical evening of visioning and sound.

A sonic exploration featuring didgeridoos, frame drum, taos drum, flutes, shells, stones, leaves, voice and orchestral elements. This powerful experience is like a soundtrack crafted to go with your life movie. Journey on the waves of sound played live by Sika to carry us into worlds within worlds. This Sound Journey begins and ends with a short, guided visualisation to set the scene.

“My songs are offered as a ‘Spirit Canoe’ to take you gliding down the river of your own Dreaming.”

An epic adventure deep inside yourself to lands that only exist in magical realms. At this potent time, what's coming through you? The primordial sound of the didgeridoo transports people into ancient landscapes and ancestral memories. Sika creates a safe space to relax deeply and connect with our inner guidance.

There will be two journeys with an interval. Most people choose to lie down. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket.A journal is also recommended.


Sika is a sound artist based in NZ. He has toured worldwide since 1993, recording & collaborating on over 30 albums.

"Thank you, Sika. A friend asked me how it was the day after, and I had to think for a while. I finally wrote: ‘A matrix of sound stripped of the last three thousand years. Unintrusive, gently visceral, humorous, masterful, spacious!"

"Sika is a truly remarkable being. His music takes you to the depths of the universe and time itself. His energy, musicianship, spiritual attunement and love are all wrapped together. He gifts his audiences amazing journeys. Just go – and be bathed!"'

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the post above are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Sika Sound Journey (November 2023), poster


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