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Viva La Vulva

4 hour Workshop

Sunday, 22nd May, 10am to 2pm OR

Sunday, 19th June, 10am to 2pm

Limited to 5 places per day.

Cost: sliding scale from $55 to $85 (includes all materials)

At Riverside Centre (Kotahitanga Room)

Registration essential: babsi.knewitz@googlemail.com

Hello, I am Barbara

I feel comfortable in my body, most of the time. I give compliments to other women. I deserve love, respect, recognition. I enjoy being a woman. I'm on my way to no longer being ashamed of my bleeding, about the extra three kg, of my loudness, of my tears. And I want to talk with you... about your experiences and needs, about your body and your thoughts. I want to create spaces and ways for you to arrive in your body, connect with your goals and desires and to dissolve limiting thoughts. In an intimate setting with a maximum of 5 women, we will ask ourselves questions, resolve limiting thoughts in a relaxation exercise, look at our own vulva, search for our female strengths and express them creatively. You go home with a personal affirmation card and empowering insights.

Interested? Not sure if this workshop is for you? Please don't hesitate to contact me and ask me all your questions!

Please note that this is not a therapeutic workshop. If you have experienced anxieties or sexual trauma, I recommend that you seek professional advice.

About me:

I first studied acting in Berlin and then trained as a theatre pedagogue. My passion lies in developing workshops on topics that touch me and occupy me. Above all, the topic of sexism and discrimination moves me. I want to be in connection with other women. I want us to strengthen each other and bring positivity towards each other. This workshop is a step in that direction for me. Meeting each other with honesty and warmth. Of course, everything stays in this protected space and no one does anything they don't want to do. I invite you to plant small roots within yourselves. I myself am in the process of putting down roots in all the themes that are important to me, be it theatre or the theme of birth, pottery or gardening. I am in the process of finding contact with myself. And it brings me joy to go through this process in community.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post's content are those of the facilitator/event organiser and do not necessarily reflect Riverside Community Trust Board's official position and policy. Please contact the facilitator directly for all questions regarding this post's content.

Viva La Vulva workshop


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