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Riverside Music Festival - 16/2/2020 - 7.30PM

Rabbit Hole

Live Music
Kids Zone
Circus Zone
Market Stalls
Toitū te Taiao
Our Planet, Our Future

16th February, 12Midday - 11.30PM

order may be subject to change 

Festival Opening

On Stage Introduction & Kapa Haka Performance - 12PM

Let's get started :)

Kids Zone

At Riverside Playground - 12PM to 6.30PM

The little house beneath the climbing structure is now home to the Kiwi. He has invited Koala to come and visit to get away from the fires and they exchange stories about their lives and challenges because of the destruction and loss of their habitat. Children will have a chance to read and listen to the stories, play a matching game and visit the koala and the kiwi.

The Riverside trampoline pit (minus the trampoline) has transformed into a sea, home to the hector dolphin and other sea creatures. Children will be able to go fishing with a magnetic rod and discover what is in the sea, who lives there and what their challenges are. They also may fish a lot of rubbish left by humans.

The old trampoline is transformed into a beautiful beehive as a space for immersion into the lives of bees. Inside will be an activity of creating short poems of fun and appreciation. Next to the beehive children can make seed bombs to take home, packed with seeds of flowers for bees.

In addition each child will be able to have their face painted with the colours of their favourite animal. We will also have a contemplative space where the children and adults can write messages of hope to the world on colourful buntings.

In preparation for the Kidz parade at 6.30pm children can paint cardboard flowers as a gift to the bees.

The children art and craft area will close with the end of the Parade.

Circus Zone

Under Oak Trees - Afternoon

Run and supervised by The Twisty Twinz and Firebird Circus, all festival goers will have the opportunity to try their hands on some circus skills. Give aerial silks a go and see how far you can climb up on nothing else but a piece of material? Or what about some stilt walking and balancing your whole weight on your neighbour's shoulders? There are almost no limits to what you can do with your body with a little strength, some bravery and tons of imagination. And if you get a little too hot from all the excerise, simply head over to the water slide for a cool down.

Water Slide

Near Circus Zone - Afternoon

Bring togs, towels and your friends. This activity is sure to entertain young and old. Supplied with water from our dam to ensure we do not waste any of our precious ground water. 

R.C Member & Friends

On Stage Musician - 12.30PM

Homegrown talent R.C. Member & friends will get the festival started with some mellow, folky and at times cheeky sounds to get everyone in the right mood for a great afternoon and evening. Join us on the grass under the big oak trees - for a cup of coffee or a glass of water and a gentle breeze.

Resilient Communities Market

Market - From 1PM

This year at the festival, let’s unleash our collective imagination and come together to strip away some of the fears related to our uncertain future at the resilient communities’ market. Come mingle and fertilise the soil of our regional human eco-system -- they need regeneration too!

Organised by Extinction Rebellion, the resilient communities’ market is an experiment, a prototype of how we may come together to share the knowledge and deepen our community’s connections in a low tech, fossil fuel divested future that focuses on building resilience and regenerative practices. The market is a tentative version of a future we would like to live in, where “wealth” is defined by the quality and solidity of our connections, by our collective inventiveness and creativity, and not by our possessions and titles.


The market will be opened at 1pm, and some stall holders will also give demos and short presentations (watch out for the schedule on the day) on a variety of topics such as 'Hop Stem Textile Making', 'Zero Waste Lifestyles', 'Seeds Savings', 'Bokashi Composting' and 'Stunning Art from Recycled Materials'.

Zenthai Shiatsu

Sessions behind Market - Afternoon

Ananda will offer Shiatsi Sessions on Koha basis during the afternoon of the Festival. For more info on Ananada, please click on the photo.

Jess Leigh

On Stage Musician - 1PM

Jessica Leigh is an 18 year old singer/songwriter making sense of the senselessness through her songs. Jessica will perform in the early slot of the Music Festival featuring young performers. She is a fantastic singer and recently won a first prize in the Motueka High School Talent Show.

The Twisty Twinz

Off Stage Acrobatic Performance - 1.30PM

Acrobat duo 'The Twisty Twinz' will mesmerise you with their talented antics at the beginning of the Festival. Be sure not to miss it if you want to give the circus arts a try yourself. The Twisty Twinz will be supervising the circus zone for most of the day and lend support to all budding circus artists during the Festival.

Pony Rides for Kids

Near Kids Zone - 2PM to 4PM

Let your little ones have a ride on one Riverside's friendly ponies. Please check exact location at the gates upon Festival entry.

Tent Of The Future

Networking Hub - All Day

"So where we're heading is not where we want to go or be... now what do I do with that information?"


Many of us have felt this sense of powerlessness and at times overwhelming feeling of not really knowing how and where to start to effect change, to write the story of humanity we actually want to be part of. 

Extinction Rebellion's 'Tent of The Future' is a networking hub located next to the chai tent. A space where individuals can connect with people who are already doing consequent work and taking tangible actions in repairing and creating the world of tomorrow, from ecological repair and regeneration, to building resilience networks, or exploring political alternatives that would revive our democracy and enable us to come together and truly choose how we should move forward.  An open floor for informal discussions, questions, comments and brainstorming. 

We are looking forward to sharing this space with you all and joining hands!

Biochar - Workshop

At Riverside Centre - 2PM

You can help reverse climate change right in your own back yard! Come to the workshop at the festival on Biochar, this precious solid substance used for carbon sequestration and promoting soil health. There will be plenty of info on why and “how to”. Facilitated by Katerina Seligman.

Zambuko Marimbas Nelson

Off Stage Instrumental Dance Music - 2.15PM

Zambuko Marimba is the unexpected result of a Motueka Arts Council Winter Workshop series offered in 2015. Marimba, an ancient word meaning “many tongues” attempts, to a degree, to simulate voices creating an intricate polyrhythmic weave, rhythmically anchored by the hosho (gourd shakers) player. The songs are for dancing, meditating or both; for connecting to one’s ancestral heritage and for uplifting and nourishing the spirit.

Magic At The Festival

On Stage Magic Show - 2.45PM

Reading the future in his hand? Tobias will guide you through todays current issues of climate change from a magicians perspective. They have all the answers... or maybe not!!

Traditional Maori Games

Near Stage - Afternoon

Wiremu Sarich is a Youth Educator working at Te Oranga for Te Runanga o Te Rarawa in Kaitaia. Wiremu has been utilizing Nga Taonga Takaro (traditional Maori games/past times) to promote healthy activity in schools throughout Muriwhenua from North Hokianga to Te Kao. At the Festival Wiremu will offer some good times with fun and inspiring games. Everyone Welcome.

Waiata the Taniwha

Kids Zone - time to be announced on stage

An interactive story for children presented by Sean O'Connor, a singer/songwriter/music teacher/storyteller from Wellington who uses stories and music to engage children and raise their awareness of environmental issues. 


A young taniwha must go in search of the power to heal his father, an old mentor, and the world around him. The story is woven with interactive movement, percussion and call and answer songs in Maori and English. Resources for further learning are available. 

Citizens’ Assemblies - Workshop

At Riverside Centre - 2.55PM

Citizens’ Assembly is an idea that has been put into practice in a number of countries already – an expression of deliberative democracy. A random selection of citizens get together to inform themselves on a contentious issue. They then sit around a table and work through their differences, listening carefully to each other. Amazingly, they usually reach near consensus on issues that apparently divide us. It can also be used at a smaller scale, for example on regional issues. Learn more about this potentially powerful tool in the workshop, facilitated by Joanna Santa Barbara.

Forage Your Way to Well Being - Workshop

At Resilient Communities Market - 3pm

Forage your way to well being. There's an Abundance of free nutritious food everywhere. Come learn about wild edible plants/herbs:  How to identify them and connect with them in a honoring way along with discovering some of their nutritional and healing qualities. Facilitated by Cynthia van de Loo. 


On Stage Live Band - 3.15PM

Lemongrass play mixed genre music from indie rock, rock blues, reggae and progressive rock with a melange of grooving bass, soaring electric guitar, subtle, moving vocals and dancing beats. They bring an interesting mix of conscious lyrics entering areas of conservation, mindfulness, heartbreak and the love of nature. 

The Rubbish Trip

Info Stall & Informal Workshop - time to be announced on stage

The Rubbish Trip's No-Waste Nomads, Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince will host a stall and run an informal workshop, making themselves available throughout the Festival to chat with anyone about all things zero waste, whether that's practical how-to ideas for individuals, philosophies on waste reduction, thoughts on what businesses, councils and government could do to reduce waste, or the role of artists and creatives.

Building Resilient Communities - Workshop

At Riverside Centre - 4PM

Growing Resilient Communities for a Changing Climate: We are all part of communities - neighborhoods, interest groups, friendship groups. We want them all to adapt successfully to climate change and other global changes. Have you thought about what that might look like? In this workshop we will ask ourselves how we can support one another and build communities that can cope with future challenges. Facilitated by Julie Nevin.


Pixie Circus Hoops - Workshop

Off Stage - time to be announced on stage

Pixie has previously performed and taught hula hoop across the UK. Pixie knows that the impossible is possible and is coming to Riverside Festival to share the enlightening journey of hula hooping with you! Come be enchanted by gravity defying hoop wielding and learn the sorcery yourself at a workshop! So much fun that you’ll explode biodegradable glitter out of your ears!!! ⠀

Opening Minds

Off Stage Interactive Dance - 4.10PM

"We are all in this Together": Jaime Howell, director of Opening Minds, and Inna Alex will offer a interactive dance to celebrate life in its wonderful diversity and uniqueness. Everything included, nothing left out. Jaime will guide this, there are no steps to learn and it is suitable for everyone. We are not learning to dance, we are dancing to learn and remember the joy that lives in moving forward together.

Wild Bloom

Off Stage Dance Performance - 4.55PM

Wild Bloom Tribal Belly Dancers from Golden Bay: dancing in reverence of the vitality of the water element.


On Stage Live Band - 5.10PM

Tillerman are a five piece, sometimes more, original band from Motueka NZ with a reputation for getting crowds up and dancing. Playing a unique blend of blues, folk, rock and reggae. Stark lyrics combine with rustic harmony's and deep grooves provide a musical journey not to be missed.⠀

InsideOut Circus & Physical Theatre

Off Stage Roving Performance - 5.10PM

Be prepared for some roving performances from the award-wining InsideOut ensemble. Suddenly they pop up, intriguing you with choreographed movements, then they disappear. Where will they pop up next, beckoning you to play with them? 

Sean Delany: Taiaha

Off Stage Performance - 6.05PM

Watch Sean Delany perform Maori Martial Arts with the taiaha, a traditional Maori weapon commonly made from wood or whalebone. Unlike mass made Pakeha weapons, Maori tools of warfare are imbued with cultural significance. Skillfully hand-crafted and often blessed with karakias, they act as taongas, heirlooms and signifiers of manna long past their use as a weapon.

Voice Collective - Workshop

At Riverside Centre- 5PM

You are invited to join the pop up contemporary singing group Voice Collective led by Tanya Nock and Ryan Beehre. This is a safe space to sing your heart out. There are no auditions or rules apart from a focus on Manaakitanga values of integrity, trust, sincerity and equity. You will learn the song in 3 parts and then we invite you to perform by the main stage at 6.20 p.m.

Nelson Sambassadors

Off Stage Dance & Percussion - 6.30PM

Enjoy the Nelson's community based percussion group, bringing the vibrant rhythms of Brazillian Samba and a selection of globals beats to the Festival. Colourful, Vibrant and impossible to NOT dance to.

Redwood Reider

On Stage Poetry - 7.15PM

Redwood Reider is a spoken word poet known for inspiring and uplifting live audiences. Performances range from intimate storytelling and mystical guidance to fully charged eco-political rhyme (and often all at the same time).

Rabbit Hole

On Stage Live Band - 7.30PM

Rabbit Hole offers slightly trippy dance music, with funk-esque dubby overtones, captivating melodies and filthy beats. Dance your heart out to this homegrown goodie and one of our headliners. Each Rabbit Hole show is a new adventure and you are sure to get lost in this band's tunes!

Soul Kitchen

On Stage Live Band - 8.30PM

Soul Kitchen is a four piece psychedelic rock band originating from Greymouth, New Zealand. This is the second time that we welcome Soul Kitchen to our Festival. In 2018, the audience was blown away by their eclectic psychedelic cornucopia of styles ranging from bluesy funk and 70's rock to stonking sludgy grunge.


On Stage Live Band - 9.30PM

Kallidad combines flamenco, rock and mariachi music into an intoxicating instrumental mix. Together with the band's infamous 'Day of the Dead' facepaint, the result is a live spectacle that has been drawing audiences across Australia, Asia and Europe. Don't miss these guys!

Tommy and The Fallen Horses

On Stage Live Band - 10.30PM

Tommy and The Fallen Horses perform high energy uplifting music to dance and sing along to. Blending hip hop, reggae, rock and country, The Fallen Horses songs convey positive messages of spiritual empowerment and political change. ⠀

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