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'Breathe...' Workshops

Discover the healing power of breathing!

With Marie Noelle Pignolet Sunday, 16th October AND 23rd October, 9.30am - 4.30pm (1.5 hour lunch break) Lunch available for $7 per person/per day At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

Learn the basics of anatomy and physiology of the breath. Learn simple exercises to get in touch with your breathing & recognize and solve your breathing blockages with individual work & improve slow, deep and regular breathing.


- Improve oxygenation, circulation, digestion, immune system, stamina...

- Clean and dynamise the organs taking place in the rib cage and the belly.

- Release stress and weaken emotional reaction patterns.

Marie is a general medical doctor from France and has lived in Auroville (India) for the past 13 years. She has given breathing workshops for the past 12 years and also has a background in Yoga, Pranyama and Chi Kung.

This workshop is sponsored by Riverside Community Trust and participation is by Koha.

For information and registrations contact Marie Noelle 03 526 7033 extension: 722 or email framatim@yahoo.fr

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