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French Cooking Workshop

With Marie Noelle

Saturday, 10th November, 10am - 12pm (noon)

At Riverside Community Centre (Kitchen)

Limited to 10 participants

45$ per person

Please bring your own pie dish!

Register with Marie: framatim@yahoo.fr​ or 022 689 5627

The French Cooking Series is back!

This is the first in a series of workshops about specialties from the south of France. Marie will teach you how to make Tourte à la Saorgienne (Herbs'pie), followed by Aïoli, Tapenade, Anchoiade.

Saorge is a tiny french midieval village close to the Italian border, well-known for its "Tourte"(a kind of french pie). Every mountain village above Nice and the Mediterranean coast has its particular Tourte recipe. And every family in each village has its own secret touch. Marie will share with workshop participants one of these secrets from Saorge, passed down through generations.

Come and try your hand at making this delicate southern French pie - a thin dough casing filled with a sublime mixture of herbs, cheese, eggs and accompanied by traditional condiments. Each participants will make their own Tourte à la Saorgienne from beginning to end and will also learn three easier recipes - each of which has its own secret to taste Méditerranée: Aïoli, Tapenade, Anchoiade. You will go home with a small pot of each one.

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