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A BIG Thank YOU!

Riverside Community Trust Board would like to thank everyone who supported our Music Festival. We could have not organised such a an awesome and inspiring event without the hands-on support from the many hard-working volunteers, artists from near and afar, and the Tasman District Council.

Our Riverside Community Trust Board would like to especially thank our Festival Organisation Legends and Coordinators: Matthew Lady (Overall Management & Stage Coordinator), Verena Gruner (Overall Management and Volunteer Coordinator) and Briar (Marketing Management) who spent hours, days and weeks on realising a dream - without any form of payment!

To all of the Festival Volunteers: Thank YOU, Thank YOU! Without you, this festival would have not been able to spread its wings and soar into the sky. You invested precious time, energy and sweat into creating a special day for the wider community and your creativity, generosity and open-mindedness has been inspiring. You are living proof that people from all walks of life and different nations together can achieve peaceful joyous awesomeness for everyone...

We hope that all Festival goers had a great time dancing, playing and connecting! Thank You to everyone who came and proved that a great Festival can be diverse, inter-generational, child-friendly and heaps of fun without any alcohol, drugs or intolerant behaviour!

You all made this day the event we were hoping for: a day to celebrate and uphold the beauty, creativity and peaceful nature that all human beings are capable of!

See you next time!

Heart Drawing in the Sky

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