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Cheese Making is Back!

Due to popular demand, we are repeating June's Cheese Making Workshop!

Organised by the Riverside Education Programme

Thursday, 5th July, 6pm - 8pm

At Riverside Centre (Kitchen)

Workshop Fee: $45 per person (Sponsorship available)

Please register with Tanja: abundantnz@yahoo.co.nz

After being inundated with requests and pleads to offer another Swiss Style & Mozzarella making workshop, Riverside Education has decided to meet your wants and needs... Just like in June's workshop, you will learn all about making delicious Swiss Style cheese and Mozzarella at home - without any fancy gear or expensive ingredients.

Cheese Making is a work of love that requires not much ingredients other than milk, ancient knowledge and patience. It is a fun thing to do with your kids and the end product will amaze your family and friends. Start getting into this awesome hobby this July and register now!

This workshop has a limited number of participants!

Cheese Making Workshop at Riverside Poster

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