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Somatics & Breathing Classes

Based on ALEXANDER and FELDENKRAIS techniques

With GP Marie Noelle

Thursdays, 5.30pm - 7pm

$10 per class

At Riverside Centre (Meeting Room)

For more info, contact Marie: framatim@yahoo.fr or call 022 689 56 27

Starts 8th November

The combination of Somatics & Breathing creates a healthy and holistic dimension of oneness and relaxation, which helps to deal with everyday issues...

SOMATICS are slow and gentle exercises for working on the nervous system. Somatic exercises develop sensory-motor self re-education by:

- Replacing automatic movements (which create chronic muscular tension, join pain and bad posture) by voluntary, conscious ways to move.

- Increasing sensory awareness in the body, movements and posture.

- Awaking "frozen" muscles and bringing them back to life.

Somatics allow also for a better blood circulation, which increases cellular respiration & exchanges... cleaning, nourishing and rejuvenating tissues.

BREATHING is one of the most important functions of life processes. Inadequate breathing leads to stress in body and mind, resulting in sicknesses. A slow, long and regular breath enables deep relaxation and increases metabolism. It results in calm and a better sense of presence.

Open to all ages above 15 years.

Please bring a blanket or a mat.

Private sessions are also available: 022 689 56 27

About Marie

Marie is a French medical doctor inclined to a more alternative approach of Health. She has practised Yoga, Pranayama ifor more than 25 years, as well as Chi Kung and Somatics for the past 15 years. In the past, she has given Breathing workshops and classes for 15 years in the international community of Auroville and New Zealand (South India).

Somatics & Breathing Classes at Riverside
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