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Riverside Cafe Closure

Yes Folks, it is true!

Aaron and Yara, the current leasees of the Riverside Cafe, are leaving sunny Lower Moutere and moving into the 'big smoke' Motueka to open a new venture, Bloom Cafe Motueka.

This means that the iconic Riverside Cafe will close its doors on 5th August 2019 until further notice. (Last day of trading is Sunday, 4th August.)

The Riverside Community Trust Board and Riverside Community members will miss Aaron and Yara and their lovely team very much indeed - not only because of their creative and positive energy, which they brought to our beautiful space in the past three years, but also because they provided some of the best food and coffee in the top of the south. While we are sad to see them leave, we are also excited they have found a space to make their own from scratch. Imagine the level of awesomeness possible! There is no doubt in our minds that Bloom Cafe will provide for an oustanding cafe experience in Motueka, so watch their space!


BUT, you may be wondering where this leaves Riverside Cafe? An enchanted space in its own right, which people from all over the world have enjoyed for the past 2 decades (yes, that long already!).

Well, how does that old, wise saying go: 'When one door closes, another opens.' And we can confirm that Riverside Community Trust Board is currently busy opening a few sparkly new doors to have a peek! Stay tuned to our online channels (this website, the Riverside Cafe website and our Facebook Community and Cafe pages) where we will announce how the story of Riverside Cafe continues...

Riverside Cafe Sign

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