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3 Hand Building Techniques with Pottery Clay

Clay Pottery Workshop with Tanja Pauls

Organised by Riverside Education

Sunday, 23rd June, 3pm to 5pm

$35 per participants. Sponsorships available.

Limited to 10 participants, 16 years and older. Bookings essential.

Book Now Bookings close Friday, 21st June, 2pm

At Riverside Clay Play Club near the Riverside Milk Vending Shed.

Crafting with clay is a transformative experience: a simple, malleable lump evolves into a magnificent piece of art through your touch. In this beginner's workshop, Tanja guides you through the magic of molding three distinct small bowls using different techniques: pinching, coiling, and slapping. You'll find joy in discovering which method resonates with you the most.

By the close of the '3 Hand Building Techniques with Pottery Clay' workshop, you'll have not only crafted your own bowls but also mastered the elemental hand-building skills to continue creating at home, perhaps igniting a newfound enthusiasm for pottery.

The art of hand-building with clay is not only about the end product; the process itself can be a calming, therapeutic journey, offering meditative qualities that alleviate stress. The act of watching a creation develop from your hands can be incredibly fulfilling.

Please come dressed for messy creativity. Remember, clay may leave permanent marks on some fabrics.

You are welcome to take your masterpieces home on the day—just bring a solid cardboard box or a large wooden board for transport. While your unfired creations are delicate and must stay dry, you have the option to leave them with Tanja to be kiln-fired for an additional cost.

Limited to 10 participants, 16 years and older. Bookings close Friday, 21st June at 2pm. Book Now

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (at education@riverside.org.nz) for workshop questions or to ask about sponsorship options.

Hand Building Techniques with Pottery Clay


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