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Brain Gym™ Workshop

Adult-child workshop with Alexandra Partington of Mind Body Balance

Organised by Riverside Education

Saturday, 12th August, 10am to 11.30am

Limited to 10 adult-child pairs.

$25 per pair. Sponsorships available.

At Riverside Community

Interested in spending quality time with your kid while learning something new?

Dip your toes into the world of Brain Gym, a practice that could potentially change the way you live. Brain Gym, unlike any other training, opens up an innovative way to enhance your thought processes, reading, speaking abilities, and much more. It's simple to follow and fun.

Brain Gym offers a proven approach that addresses and incorporates the often overlooked physical components of learning — visual, auditory, motor, and stress management skills. It entails 26 specially curated activities aimed at infusing more joy and love into your everyday life. Beneficial to people of all ages, these exercises can help fine-tune the way your body and brain interact, leading to improved focus, elevated energy levels, reduced anxiety, and a better mood.

In this introductory session brought to you by Alexandra, an adept educational Kinesiologist, you'll get a chance to apply Brain Gym's powerful techniques.

It's a brilliant opportunity for you to interact and learn with your child, making it a truly memorable experience. Suitable for all ages. Please note that this workshop is specifically for pairs of one child and one adult.

Limited to 10 pairs. Sponsorships available (just ask). Bookings essential: Book Now

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (at education@riverside.org.nz) for workshop questions or to ask about sponsorship options.

Brain Gym Session at Riverside


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