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Magic Movements

Movement Workshop for all ages

Organised by Riverside Education

with Alexandra Partington of Mind BodynBalance.

Monday, 27th June, 4pm to 5.30pm

$20 per person.

Registrations essential: Click HERE

At Riverside Centre

Movements to to support the brain.

This is a rare opportunity at a very affordable price to experience a fantastic, fun process to kickstart your or your child's brain. While this session is suitable for all ages, children under 9 years old need to be accompanied by a parent.

As an Educational Kinesiologist, Alexandra offers support with a wide range of topics and scenarios:

Ease of learning, overcoming anxiety, reaching one's full potential, thriving amongst lives challenges, alignment of body, mind and spirit...the list goes on!

"When mind and body work together in harmony the result is wholeness, full self-expression, creativity, easeful choice making, moving through challenges and being more authentically yourself."

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (education@riverside.org.nz) to discuss sponsorship options if you are struggling to meet the workshop fee or to enquire about more info.


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