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Riverside Community Cultural Centre during Covid-19 Alert Level 2

The Centre will be open from Wednesday 8th September at Level 2.

Please contact your workshop facilitators and workshop tutors directly if you are unclear if your group is starting up again. Unfortunately, Wednesday's Community Lunch will not be happening until we have reached Level 1.

Our new normal now means the following for individuals and groups using the Centre:

1. You need to sign in – using Covid Tracer App or the manual register. 2. Gatherings are limited to 100 people. 3. Distancing: Keep a 2 metre distance from one another where practical. 4. Wear a mask where physical distancing is difficult or you are finding yourself in a confined, small or badly ventilated space.

Let's support one another by sticking to the official guidelines to the best of our abilities. Nga mihi – and keep safe Barbie, Riverside Community Cultural Centre Manager

Riverside Community Cultural Centre Picture


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