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Winter Pruning & Fruit Tree Management Workshop

Delve into the art and science of tree pruning with Che Vincent.

Organised by Riverside Education

Saturday, 29nd July, 10am to 12pm (midday)

Cancelled if wet.

Limited to 10 participants.

$35 per person. Sponsorships available.

At Riverside Community

Immerse yourselves in the intriguing world of pruning with Riverside Education's two-hour workshop under the guidance of Che Vincent. Known for his extensive knowledge in bonsai trees and landscaping. Che will guide you in mastering pruning techniques for increased tree longevity and productivity.

The workshop's focus is on winter fruit pruning & fruit tree management, aiming to boost forthcoming seasonal fruiting. It offers you hands-on experience using loppers and secateurs, enhancing your skillset and confidence. While the session emphasises figs, persimmons, feijoas, and apples, the principles are transferable to a range of fruit trees.

Under Che's skilled instruction, you'll demystify the art of pruning and understand its vital role in tree health and fruit production. You will gain valuable insights into the proper use of tree-pruning tools, the selection of a suitable tree training system, and identifying the right time for trimming. Further, you'll learn to identify fruiting wood for optimal production and will understand the differences between thinning cuts and heading cuts, as well as the effective use of pruning cut protectants.

Join Che in one of our home orchards for this enlightening session, dressed in suitable footwear.Please bring your secateurs, loppers, and pruning saw if you have one.

Please note that this workshop is weather dependent and will be cancelled if wet.

Limited to 10 participants. Sponsorships available (just ask). Bookings essential: Book Now

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (at education@riverside.org.nz) for workshop questions or to ask about sponsorship options.

Winter Pruning & Fruit Tree Management Workshop Poster at Riverside


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