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Winter Pruning Workshop

Pruning Workshop with Gisella Warmenhoven

Organised by Riverside Education

Saturday, 8th June, 9am to 2pm

$80 per participants. Sponsorships available.

Limited to 10 spaces. Bookings essential.

Book Now Bookings close Thursday, 6th June, 2pm

At Riverside Centre & Home Orchard

If you're uncertain about how to start pruning your fruit trees, consider this Riverside Education workshop as your guide. You'll grasp both the basics and finer points of shaping a young sapling or rehabilitating an overlooked tree to boost health and fruit yield. The Winter Pruning workshop kicks off with an introduction and tool preparation at the Riverside Community Center, then moves outdoors for hands-on practice.

Under the instruction of Gisella Warmenhoven, you'll master pruning techniques. With an extensive background in biodynamic gardening, permaculture instruction, and Feldenkrais method, Gisella brings a wealth of knowledge. She will not only teach you the art of pruning but also guide you on using more efficient movements during physical work, ensuring your well-being.

The workshop's practical approach focuses primarily on winter pruning methods designed to enhance the following season's fruit production. You'll get your hands on the tools and work directly on the trees, starting with apple trees. These foundational methods are adaptable to a variety­ of fruit-bearing trees.

The workshop will be held outdoors at a home orchard, so dress appropriately for the weather and wear robust footwear. Bring your own cutting tools, such as secateurs, loppers, and a pruning saw—if you have them.

Limited to 10 participants. Bookings close Thursday, 6th June at 2pm. Book Now.

This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Riverside Community Trust. Please contact Tanja (at education@riverside.org.nz) for workshop questions or to ask about sponsorship options.

Winter pruning workshop


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