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Fermented Foods


Organised by Riverside Education

With Tanja Pauls

Thursday, 26th March, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

At Riverside Centre (Kitchen)

$20 per participant

For registrations & more info: education@riverside.org.nz

Good for guts: Fermented Foods for your pantry! As garden and orchard produce is abundant right now, many of us are looking for healthy ways to consume and preserve the harvest. We have all heard about lacto fermented food - but what does it actually mean? And is it hard to turn a plain gherkin into a savory delicacy? In this hands on kitchen workshop, you will learn about the ancient art of preserving food without sugar - and see how easy it is.

Fermentation for gut health, improved nutrient assimilation, food preservation and security, and awesome flavors!

Come and make delicious pickles to take home.

Fermented Foods Riverside Poster

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